Exercice du sport en Vidéos : Arthur Jones Workout Routine and Results


Arthur Jones Workout Routine and Results



If you’re really interested about Arthur Jones and his exact workout methods and revolutionary exercise thinking, then you can read all of his best work in this one collection. It totally changed how I thought about exercising:

Arthur Jones workout routine and results are shown in this video over a 5-week period, you can see how I have used this program to gain muscle quickly and to increase my strength.

The workouts are very intense, but they are short. Usually you can do the workout in 30 minutes or less and only 1-3 times a week and still achieve good results.

Some key points of this routine:
Do a full body workout during each workout day.
Usually do 1 set per exercise.
Go to failure on every set.
Do 8-12 reps for upper body.
Do 15-20 reps for lower body.
Try to work larger muscle groups first and progress to smaller muscle groups (legs, back, chest, arms, etc.)
Do each rep slowly without using momentum (about 5 seconds per rep: 1-2 seconds on the positive, 3-4 seconds on the negative.)
Each set should take approx. 60-120 seconds with the worked muscle under constant tension (no resting the weight or locking out to rest.)
After reaching muscular failure, don’t work that muscle anymore. Allow the muscle to rest for 48 hours or more to stimulate the optimal amount of muscle growth and muscle strength.