Exercice du sport en Vidéos : Ep.34 Charlotte Flair Leg Day Workout…


Ep.34 Charlotte Flair Leg Day Workout…



WWE Superstar Sheamus aka The Celtic Warrior here… In Leeds, UK, I finally got to workout with most requested female WWE superstar, The Queen, Charlotte Flair… And once again, I got my arse kicked. Yup. Not a fan of those Hungarian Snatches & Overhead Squats. But that’s why we’re here right? To find our weaknesses and hopefully get better.

Now you can see why Charlotte is multiple champion and will have success for many years to come… She really does embody the philosophy of this channel. Brave Change.

Charlotte Flair Leg Day Workout:

Warm Up: Rowing Machine: 5 Mins

Round One: Olympic Bar Warm-Up 3 Sets
– 5 Back Squats
– 5 Muscle Snatches
– 5 Overhead Squats
– 5 Duck Jumps

Round Two:
– Hungarian Snatch: 4 Sets / 3 Reps

Round Three:
– Cleans: 4 Sets / 3 Reps

Round Four:
– Back Squats: 10 Sets / 3 Reps

Round Five:
– Sumo Deadlifts & Abs: 3 Sets / 12 Reps

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