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Mental and Emotional Fitness Training for Resilience and Mental Health



Mental & Emotional Fitness Training MEFT) – A Monthly Programme.
MEFT is a practical skills training programme which combines a workshop with 3 weekly Master Class sessions. These are based on “The Work” of *Byron Katie and Peter’s professional and personal experience as a therapist, addiction counsellor and person in recovery.

Peter Guess facilitates the training. He was introduced to “The Work” over 12 years ago, at a short workshop given at the Johannesburg Bipolar Assoc. while working a training manager in Sasol, Johannesburg, South Africa.

“The Work” gave Peter quick breakthroughs using very simple and practical tools to deal with his thoughts, feelings and reactions in a healthy way. He has used these tools to effectively deal with his Bipolar Mood Disorder, recovery, life in general and with his clients as a professional counsellor.

We explore and apply many powerful tools, including those from “The Work” of Byron Katie, renowned international speaker, writer and facilitator, who recovered dramatically from major depression and addiction.

• Identify the key principles of “The Work”
• Able to identify the 3 Tools needed to do “The Work”
• Applying the tools to several personal situations

A key phrase for me in The Work is: “I suffer when I argue with reality”

VENUE: Kirstenhof, CAPE TOWN, South Africa

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