Exercice du sport en Vidéos : The fitness project 2018 – Week 12 guideline – Bring back the fats


The fitness project 2018 – Week 12 guideline – Bring back the fats



The fitness project 2018 – Week 12 guideline – Bring back the fats

So well, officially the last guideline but pyaar apna hamesha ke liye rahega just like aap ke khane mein swaad hamesha rahega. And its fat which adds swaad to your food, along with satiety, satisfaction and sustainability in the diet. And this is the guideline for week 12 –

Bring back these 3 fats in your daily diet –

1. Tadka in kacchi ghaani oils

Use oils native to your region – mustard for north and north east India, groundnut or til for central and western and coconut for Kerela. Our native recipes are fine tuned to the fatty acid and nutrient composition of our oils and to make the best out of what we eat, we have to follow it in totality. No jumping on the bandwagon of “heart healthy” or other such promises made by refined vegetable, rice bran, safflower or similar oils. Avoid oil free or fat free at all costs.

And kacchi ghani (cold pressed) because then it means that oil is extracted at a lower temperature and therefore fatty acids, vitamins and other nutrients are intact. Very important for diabetics to have traditional oils.

2. Coconut as garnishing, chutney, etc.

From supporting gut health to helping you calm your nerves to soothing digestion, there isn’t one thing that it can’t do. The fact that its anti-bacterial, anti-viral is an added bonus. If you are the type that gets UTI every summer, don’t forget the coconut. So garnish your food with it, turn it into laddoos and barfis, make chutneys out of it, have the coconut malai and even the dry coconut with jaggery or just peanuts.

3. Cashews as mid-meal or with milk before sleeping

Other than the good fat, its rich in minerals, amino acids and vitamins. The amino acids help, among other things, in the production of serotonin, the natural sleeping pill whose only side effect is a stable, happy mood the next day. The magnesium helps the nerves to relax. Its tryptophan (an amino acid) and vitamin B combination help make kaju a natural anti-depressant. It’s the summer nut and you can eat the cashew fruit too (super rich in Vit C). (More details in Indian Superfoods book).


Essential fat is required for both the body and the functioning of the brain. Without adequate fat in our diet –

• We won’t be able to assimilate vitamins like Vit D, minerals and other essential nutrients from our diet.
• We won’t produce the right hormones and may suffer from poor joints and nerves. This role that fat plays is especially critical for children.
• The blood sugars will stay unregulated and there will be cravings for sweets after a meal.
• Skin can age prematurely due to lack of nourishment from food.

Week 11 tracking form –

See you next week. The fitness project is not yet over 🙂