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WOMEN VS MEN: Whats the Difference in Gym Training and Exercise





Should women train differently than guys? The answer is yes and no. And if that does not confuse you, I don`t know what will! Women should follow SOME of the same principles as men, but should differ in some fundamentally different ways.

Both men and women should train hard. No more pink dumbells. You should focus on strength when lifting weights. The ideal rep range for compound movements is between 6-15. I would differ from training guys by keeping the rest short. I also would do more full body work outs, avoiding isolation days unless you really need to work on an area.

Training for women is all about accumulating as much fatigue as possible, challenging the body in new fundamental way. To do this I would start with at least two full body sessions for strength and two sessions of circuit training. Circuits are fundamental for women.

The best type of training for women always revolves around a high volume of intense exercise.


Women need less core work than guys. Remember direct ab work will build a blockier stomach, so avoid a lot of core work!

Women can also do MUCH MORE real cardio. I don`t mean that light jogging. I mean sprints, things like my High Intensity Training principles. On a track, run as fast as possible for 30 seconds and then job for 30 seconds. You won`t lose any of your lean muscle, so you are fine!

Women also have to take more time to work on the back of your legs, you are naturally more quad dominant, so Romanian deadlifts are working your butt and hamstrings are very important.

Women should improve their lactic threshold. You know that burning sensation, when you think you just can`t do another rep? Yeah we want to do that A LOT. FEEL THE BURN

So in summary women should not lift pink dumbells and guys should not wear spandex. But we should all lift heavy. The end.

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