Dance Tips – Video : ⭐ Cardio workout at home for beginners【no equipment】


    ⭐ Cardio workout at home for beginners【no equipment】



    Same training but without music:

    Often many people after a long period of inactivity start exercising very intensely. This is a big mistake as it can cause us to hurt ourselves and even in some extreme cases, have cardiovascular accidents.
    On the other hand, it is almost certain that if you start very intensely without being prepared you will have late onset muscle pain known as stiffness, which can become very intense preventing you from performing even the simplest tasks.
    That’s why it’s best to start very gently and progress in the following workouts.
    To help you, today we bring you a routine made up of cardiovascular exercises with which you can start to get in shape safely.

    The routine consists of 3 parts, a warm-up, a workout with low-intensity cardio exercises and a few exercises of elasticity and relaxation to return to calm.
    In less than 15 minutes you’ll be done.

    You can start by doing it 3 times a week, although you can do it daily if you have veins sensations.
    After one or two weeks you should increase the intensity of the training.