Dance Tips – Video : AEROBICS – Dance Fitness w Nicco Kuc – Live Rehearsals


    AEROBICS – Dance Fitness w Nicco Kuc – Live Rehearsals



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    Our mission is to develop the very best group fitness instructors in the fitness industry and become the market leaders within this highly rewarding and competitive industry.

    Whatever your program delivery, we will provide you the coaching and instruction you need on your journey to becoming the best you can be. Our training and education does not stop at the end of the course, our continually growing body of knowledge, networking, mentoring programs and quarterly seminars will assist you on that journey. It is LRF’s mission to ensure you are not alone and have continual access to mentors, industrial leaders and knowledge.

    “LRF develops instructors to deliver a genuine emotional journey in each and every class, inspiring participants to become better, fitter and happier. A class doesn’t end at the ‘hour’, it lasts many hours and days after. It is this connection that will ensure your classes grow, shine and touch participants at the most fundamental level…the human emotion!” – Nicco Kuc, founder of LRF