Dance Tips – Video : Albir Rojas Kizomba Fusion 2017 / Macklemore – Thrift Shop


    Albir Rojas Kizomba Fusion 2017 / Macklemore – Thrift Shop



    This was a super fun kizomba fusion dance by Albir Rojas and Graziana on the song Macklemore – Thrift Shop – loads of fun! It’s not kizomba song and it just shows that once you learn how to dance and know basics of musicality you can have fun on any kind of pop song!


    P.S. Special thanks for 3rd angle to Alexandre-luc Smith –



    Amsterdam Kizomba Festival 2017 –

    I was recommended to this festival by several of my friends and went there to check it out. And truly it’s a high level event with everything taken care of – workshops, socials, music quality, ventilation, show program. Everything just went right (and that’s rare)!

    I really enjoyed the venue and the size – event was around 600-700 people – not too much, not too few. The perfect size of the festival in my opinion.

    Definitely recommended – plus kizomba & urbankiz was in right ratios. Could satisfy both needs! Would love to come back next year and truly can recommend this one for you to go to as well.



    Albir Rojas & Graziana FG

    Albir Rojas –

    If you want to get more value from Albir, check out his Youtube page Random Roots – he streams free training videos there regularly, shares his favourite music and more! There are also unique online masterclasses you can attend!

    He’s one of the best in the world to learn kizomba from!!!!

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