Dance Tips – Video : EQUINOX the $240/Mo Gym Review – Worth the $$? [2019]


    EQUINOX the $240/Mo Gym Review – Worth the $$? [2019]



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    Having moved to NYC from Florida, I had never come across an Equinox gym before and didn’t understand the hype and outrageous $240/month price tag. Watch the entire video for my full Equinox Gym review or just read this quick-hits breakdown.

    After living in New York for 6 years now, I’m a believer, and I chose Equinox for these reasons:

    1. It’s super clean. Whenever I’m in there I feel like I’m working out in a clean room (where they create microchips and wear those white suits to avoid dust). Haven’t been to dirty gyms where I’ve possibly contracted ring worm, this is a big deal to me
    2. The towels. At Equinox you get free dry towels and towels cooled in refrigerators soaked in eucalyptus. I use maybe 5-10 towels a visit. I put the cold towels anywhere on my body that’s sore and use a towel for every machine or bench to avoid contact with my skin. I also use their alcohol wipes which are everywhere to clean equipment before I use it.
    3. The equipment. The gym has a full Lin of machines, free weights and multiple squat racks and power lifting areas and they’re always maintained and new. While I would prefer 3-4 squat racks instead of the two at my local Williamsburg gym, there’s rarely a wait and plenty of free barbells for me to use if one of the racks is taken

    // Equinox New York Sports Club Gym Review: How does Equinox compare to other gyms?

    Retro Fitness is $20/month and is a great budget gym. It has tons of equipment, plenty of space, but the place feels like a Walmart. Nobody around to help, clean, etc. but for the price, I mean it can’t be beat.

    New York Sports Club is about $50/month and offers, again a good gym with quality equipment, and a lot of convenient locations. I don’t really have much negative to say about it except for the fact that it just doesn’t have the polish of an Equinox, so if your budget is $50/month for the gym do the NYSC.

    Chalk is like an in-between Retro Fitness and Equinox. It’s $80/month and is nice, but doesn’t have the polish of Equinox nor the wallet-friendly nature that Retro Fitness has.

    So in my mind, either go with the cheapest option or the best option, skip the tweeners.

    Let me know what you think of my Equinox Gym Review in the comments. Do you pay $240? Would you pay?

    // Where does Equinox have locations in New York?

    +Upper West Side
    Equinox West 76th Street
    Equinox West 92nd Street
    Equinox 160 Columbus Ave


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