Dance Tips – Video : I Wanna Be a Police Officer · A Day In The Life Of A Police Officer


    I Wanna Be a Police Officer · A Day In The Life Of A Police Officer



    Hans goes behind the scenes to find out what being a Police Officer is all about.
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    What does it take to become a Police Officer? What does it take to become a cop?

    Western Australia Police are seeking people with a passion for policing in a challenging and rewarding career to be trained in one of the most advanced law enforcement training facilities in the world.

    The course is physically and psychologically demanding and designed to prepare you for life as a Police Officer. Upon completing the 28 week Academy course and subsequent probationary period, you can achieve a Diploma in Public Safety (Policing).

    WA Police outcomes:

    Lawful behaviour and community safety;
    Offenders apprehended and dealt with in accordance with the law; and lawful road-user behaviour.

    Constable Elise Brown says:

    I love being a Police Officer because I get to make a difference in the community. Police protect and preserve property, public order and safety through the enforcement of laws.

    G’day, Hans here.

    If you ask a five-year-old what they want to be when they grow up they’re either going to say famous or a police officer or a unicorn. But let’s face it they’re five years old. Being a police officer can be one of the most interesting diverse and rewarding careers available.

    That’s why we’re here at the Fremantle police station. We’re going to talk to a real live police officer and find out what it’s all about. We’ve all seen stuff on TV like CSI Law and Order, Super Troopers. But just what does being a real-life cop actually involve? Hans, what are you doing? Just mucking around.

    Great to me you. Yeah, you too. I’ve got some questions about being a police officer can you help me out?

    I can, let’s go have a chat. Let’s to do it. Yeah.

    Wow this is full-on we are in a cell. It’s a little bit scary I can say I never want to be here again.

    Ok, let’s start at the beginning, what does a police officer do?

    There’s so many things that we do, say if you come in to the station us assisting you with your enquiry, you can have some sort of problem we try and solve it you can go out on the road and do a bit of road policing, yeah hopefully giving people pointers on safe driving. So many different things, trying to solve a crime when we can. Forensics?

    Yes forensics.

    How did you get into the police force? What was your path that led to where you are today?

    I actually started out as an auxiliary officer so actually to do with the lock up procedures custody procedures, so I’ve got a lot of exposure to policing. I came to a station as well and yeah and then I thought I want a little bit more so joined as a police officer.

    So what do you do every day? Like what is a typical day for you? What time you come in and what do you have to do?

    Well take it if you’re a day shift, like we’re shift workers, so if you’re in day shift you hopefully get here earlier, about half an hour to kick it off and everything you just don’t know because it’s it’s up to supervisor if you’re in the office or here out on the road.

    So you never really know what you’re doing, you just turn up and then it’s always different?

    Yeah there’s no real agenda to be honest, basically if you’re in the car and out on the road you get tasked to do jobs and even then you don’t know what’s gonna happen could be something completely different. You could end up in a cell just like this. Yeah you could. There’s a toilet that is better than the one at my house. You don’t want to use that.

    Alright, Elise, it’s that time I have to ask you the edge questions you ready? Question number one how do I become a police officer?

    Well the best thing to do is apply online, when you go into the Academy and you get selected to go through the Academy then out you go in 6 months then you’re a full-on police officer

    Question number 2, what sort of person is best suited to being a police officer and working in a place like this?

    Definitely someone that’s got a passion for helping other people that’s very important I think. Dedication, commitment, physical fitness, be awesome. Yeah definitely helps.

    And third question, if you could have done anything differently still ended up exactly where you are today would you have done anything differently?

    I liked how I kind of had the life experience and education before hand it’s definitely important but yeah I was quite happy so I’m if anything for anyone

    life experience I’d say. Get more life experience makes you a better police officer?

    Yeah I think so.Well thank you so much for answering my questions let’s go fight crime!

    Hey, if you want more information on being a police officer get on a get more information and get involved.