Dance Tips – Video : Just Dance Workout to Lady Gaga • Cardio Funk Disco Dance Moves


    Just Dance Workout to Lady Gaga • Cardio Funk Disco Dance Moves



    Maggie is creating workouts for teenagers and young adults. This dance workout video it’s full of simple dance moves that anyone can dance along to. However, you might want to pace yourself, we are entering aerobic dancing territory! The young adults you are seeing here in this dance improvisation workshop are loosely following the lead dancer (MUSE) in the center. Take a deep breath and jump in! It’s a great stress buster!
    For this, the second dance of the workshop, Maggie asked for volunteers to help her lead the group. So two participants get their first taste of being a Muse. All others dance along loosely. They are instructed to turn within their own triangles each time the Muses turn. This prepares them for the next step, the Multiple Triangles Dancing Game, where they all will be leading the dance within their individual triangles.There are over 20 MUVE Dancing Games explained and demonstrated at

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