Dance Tips – Video : Kids Dance Class Part – 1 | Learn New Dance For Kids | Dance for kids | Learn Dance Step by Step


    Kids Dance Class Part – 1 | Learn New Dance For Kids | Dance for kids | Learn Dance Step by Step



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    Pebbles presents « Kids Dance » to enable children to indulge in the art of modern dancing.Dancing is one form of physical exercise and can also be a hobby for children. The children spend their spare time usefully by learning a few dance movements. The art of Dancing may take them to greater heights in their future career. This video presents step-by-step dance movement instructions by experienced dancers. It will help the beginners and more seasoned dancers to help learn new dance sequences and free styles, through this carefully choreographed video. The kids can learn newer and delicate dance moves which they watch in music video albums and in many dance shows. It is an exciting experience and also improves the learners’ confidence. This video gives the break downs of moves together in steps, so that the kids can learn the complete routines quickly and comfortably at their own pace.

    Step by Step Live Video Lessons by Professionals
    * Single Step Dance Styles
    * Double Step Dance Styles
    * Triple Step Dance Styles
    * Step By Step Instructions
    * Multiple Camera Angles
    * Bollywood Styles
    * Single Artist Dance Performances
    * Group Dance Performances
    * Dance Styles on Popular Bollywood Nos.
    * Dance Styles on Popular English Nos.
    Have fun, learn great moves, get in shape and impress your friends with these hot dance techniques that are taught step-by-step to the top dance songs.

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