Dance Tips – Video : Latin Cardio Dance Workout: Billy Blanks Jr.- Club Hip Hop


    Latin Cardio Dance Workout: Billy Blanks Jr.- Club Hip Hop



    Latin Cardio Dance Workout with Billy Blanks Jr. from Club Hip Hop is a fiery, fat-burning dance workout that is designed to boost metabolism, blast calories and tone the entire body through a unique blend of Latin-inspired dance styles including the Salsa and the Flamenco. Prepare to ramp up your weight-loss potential on the dance floor with World-Class Dancer/Choreographer, and Fitness Expert, Billy Blanks Jr. and his wife, Sharon Catherine as they take you through this upbeat and effective exercise routine from the all new « Club Hip Hop » Fitness Series with easy, step-by-step instruction. Work out with one of Hollywood’s best right from your own living room as you sculpt a lean dancer’s physique and tone the hips, thighs, calves, butt, abs, arms, shoulders, and obliques. This exercise is great for all skill levels and can be done anywhere to develop definition, challenge your core, and re-shape your body. Try to add your own style as you add a little spice to your workout. Look and feel your best as you have the time of your life with Billy’s inspiring teaching style. Tune in to The BeFit Channel for new workouts uploaded daily. For more great dance workouts from Billy Blanks Jr, click here:

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