Dance Tips – Video : Learn to HIP HOP dance class for beginners — 3/16


    Learn to HIP HOP dance class for beginners — 3/16



    This clip is where your Hip Hop for beginners dance routines start to take shape.
    Follow the class all the way through and you’ll learn two dance routines, each has two parts. Here, you’ll start to learn the very first four steps of Routine 1, Part 1.

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    One of our pupils learnt this dance routine from our videos, performed it at her school talent show and WON! This dance lesson really works so make sure you do every clip right to the end…

    Hey, beginners, what to know how to dance?
    If you don’t have the time, cash or confidence to join a dance class then why not learn from us in your own home? There’s nothing easier than learning to dance online and the dance lessons and teachers we offer are some of the best in the world.

    Happy dancing x