Dance Tips – Video : PETER HEAVEN & blue light orchestra – circle dance – top aerobic instrumental music


    PETER HEAVEN & blue light orchestra – circle dance – top aerobic instrumental music



    Life free of meaning and purpose – without any intention of doing – just free!

    funny speedy aerobic music to dance. Music for thinking and music to remember. Background music, film music and incidental music. Instrumental music in its most beautiful way!

    blue light orchestra ….. emotional harmonious instrumental music by Peter Heaven

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    Aerobic exercise is a dynamic fitness training in the group with rhythmic movements to motivate music. The basic elements are mainly (aerobic) endurance and coordination. The choreography exercises, performed by an aerobic trainer, are a mixture of classical gymnastics and dance.

    The origins go back to the American doctor Kenneth H. Cooper, who developed an aerobic training for the heart and lung in the 1960s. Cooper triggered a fitness boom in America, which resulted in the integration of perpetual training into gymnastics programs.

    The worldwide breakthrough came in 1982, when Jane Fonda marketed aerobics as her gymnastics principle and aerobics became very popular, especially among younger women. In Germany the ZDF broadcast the aerobic program Enorm in form from 1983 onwards.

    In the GDR aerobics was called pop gymnastics and popularized through the television broadcasting medicine. This show was used in a gymnasium of western pop music exercises, which should be imitated by some bystanders and the spectators at home.

    1988 was increasingly discussed about the harmfulness of aerobics. After a slump in the aerobic boom, the weight was increasingly placed on medical and sports-related aspects, in particular on the joint-safe design. Since then, aerobics has developed strongly, particularly in Europe, where a distinct aerobic scene has established itself, and contains, at an advanced stage, much more dancer elements.

    Starting from the original aerobic exercise a whole series of further forms and subforms of this group training have developed. Each of these forms has its own focus and training objectives.

    Aerodance: An aerobic form at an advanced level with traditional steps and dancer elements from jazz and funk
    Step aerobics: Aerobic exercise with a platform on which the exercises are performed
    Zumba is the registered trademark for a fitness concept created by the dancer and choreographer Alberto « Beto » Perez in Colombia in the 1990s. Zumba combines aerobics with Latin and international dances.
    Tae Bo: A connection between dynamic combat sports and aerobic elements
    Body toning: strengthening exercises with various aids
    BodyPump: An intensive strengthening training with barbells
    Body Balance: A modern blend of yoga, pilates and tai chi