Dance Tips – Video : « Samurai » (Tiesto Remix) || R3hab || Dance Fitness Choreography || REFIT® Revolution


    « Samurai » (Tiesto Remix) || R3hab || Dance Fitness Choreography || REFIT® Revolution



    Hold on to your heart rate! It’s about to skyrocket! We really stretched ourselves with this fitness choreography to go after that high-intensity zone, and the toning components are just icing on the cake!

    As you approach this workout, please keep note of the following:

    1. The best way to INCREASE intensity is to increase level changes. For example, lower your booty to the ground in the side steps and chair poses.
    2. The best way to DECREASE intensity is to decrease levels. (Opposite of the above suggestion).
    3. FORM is everything! The front facing punches require a tight core and a slight « bob and weave » motion. Make sure the weight is in your heels during the chair pose and don’t « knock » your knees together.

    HAVE FUN challenging yourself and your classes with this song and don’t neglect using a mirror to make sure your body is in good form. Remember, good form will increase strength and decrease injury!

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