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    Tectake – Stepper Fitness Aerobic Exercise 400870



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    Product description

    This height-adjustable aerobic step helps you keep fit and is great fun.
    Do away with your unwanted fat and poor physical condition. Your endurance, flexibility and muscles will be perfectly trained with the aerobic step and so that you get your dream body.

    It also improves your body’s circulation and, as a result, strengthens your cardiovascular system.
    The anti-slip foot surface gives the step perfect grip and reduces the risk of injury. The slightly springy rubber surface is gentle on your joints.
    The footboard can be adjusted to two different heights as required, depending on the particular exercise or desired level of difficulty.

    Robust plastic
    Secure footing
    Anti-slip rubber step surface
    Height-adjustable to 2 positions
    Easy handling
    Simple assembly and dismantling
    Space-saving form and quick to store
    Strengthens cardiovascular system
    Promotes physical condition, flexibility, fat burning and builds muscles

    Technical details:
    Length: 68.5 cm
    Width: 29 cm
    Lower level: 10 cm, max. user weight 200 kg
    Upper level: 15 cm, max. user weight 100 kg
    Weight: 2.8 kg

    Delivery contents:
    1 height-adjustable aerobic step