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    Aneet reviews the Training the Female Competitor workshop | Personal Trainer Courses



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    Aneet lives in the UK. He got on a plane for 24 hours (28 including stop overs) to spend a week with Mark and the crew in the studio and attend the ‘2-Day Training the Female Competitor’ workshop.
    Here’s what he had to say about it.

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    Enterprise Fitness is Melbourne’s premier Personal Training studio. Founded by Mark Ottobre, his vision is to create the most professional and education driven personal training company in Australia, as it is education that leads to lasting results.

    At Enterprise Fitness, we make your fitness goals a reality and we have the track record and reputation to back it up. Our goal is to make health and fitness apart of your lifestyle.

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    However this is just one of the many benefits you will experience training with Enterprise Fitness. At Enterprise Fitness, it is our specialized knowledge that sets us apart. Having trained countless bodybuilders and figure champions, fitness models and fitness competitors we know how to get results in the most effective and efficient time frame possible.

    However, please don’t be confused, we don’t only train fitness competitors, we work with a broad spectrum of the population with the one commonality- they’re all serious about making a positive change and getting the results they have always wanted.

    With any new client starting with Enterprise Fitness, the first thing to do is to accurately assess your starting point. Maybe your starting at 25-30% body fat and want to lose 10-15 kilos or maybe your starting at 13% body fat and wanting to get just a ’little’ leaner and build muscle? Where ever you are right now is perfect and we can help you.

    In the first session we discuss your goals, measure your body fat and take your BioSignature. From here we do a structural balance assessment and are able to design you a specific training, nutrition and supplementation protocol to ensure you maximise your results whether the goal is weight loss, strength, to increase muscle, fitness or to get you ready for a comp or photo shoot. Whatever the goal, we got you covered.

    Our studio is fully decked out with the highest quality equipment from Elieko, Pendlay, Australian Barbell, Life Fitness, Watsons Custom Strength and Iron Edge. It is a fully equipped private gym with only the best equipment to meet our high standards of practice.

    And no, we don’t have treadmills. When you train with us we will rip open a new exciting world of exercise that awaits you. We do not rely on cardio equipment to train our client, instead we show you fun, safe and effective training that actual gets you in shape (and keeps you in shape). I mean seriously, who wants to pay a personal trainer to walk with them on a treadmill?!

    We invite you to come and experience the difference of training with bona fide world leaders in the field of fitness.

    Make the decision to train with the best personal trainers in Melbourne at our premier personal training studio located on 381 Swan Street, Richmond.

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