Exercice du sport en Vidéos : FULL BODY HIIT WORKOUT (No Gym Required) (Workout Routine)


    FULL BODY HIIT WORKOUT (No Gym Required) (Workout Routine)



    All right guys here’s a great workout for you !

    4 exercises back to back with no rest in between. Each exercise can be progresses or regressed. I’ll give you examples below

    Arm Get Ups
    If too difficult do them on your knees but keep your core engaged.
    If too easy add a weight on your back which will force you to keep the core tight and make the push harder. You can also add a pushup in the middle of each rotation. You could add 3 pushups after each rotation if you wanted to. Challenge yourself.

    Leg Get Ups
    To make this easier use an object around you for support. As you get stronger use less and less support.
    To make this exercise harder perform the movement with a weight in your hand.

    Weight Shift Planks
    To decrease the intensity do a modified plank on your knees
    To increase the difficulty do them with a weight on your back. You can also adjust the amount of time that you spend with your weight shifted. If you do these weighted you’re a boss.

    Drop Squats
    To decrease the intensity just stick to normal bodyweight sqauats
    To increase the intensity do these weighted. As you get more comfortable with the movement explode higher and faster.
    Before you do that though make sure the movement is flawless and controlled.

    Let me know if you have any questions. Let’s get it !


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