Exercice du sport en Vidéos : Full Body Workout In The Gym (Training for Mass)


    Full Body Workout In The Gym (Training for Mass)



    Time for another training video covering a full body workout in the gym. This is the Workout A of my current plan for building lean mass.

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    Full Body Workout from the video:
    Squat 4 x 4
    DB Overhead press 3 x 11
    Pull-Up 3 x 12
    Push-Up 4 x 25
    Unilateral lying leg curl 3 x 11
    Reverse Fly 3 x 14
    Cable Curl 3 x 15
    Seated Calf Raise 3 x 17

    This is Workout A of my current plan for building lean mass.

    You can see the Workout B at

    Overall, the plan includes 3 different workouts which are done in order A – B – C – A – B – C. All of them are full body and it’s 6 days of the week training with resting on the 7th day.

    I’ve been doing this plan for more than a month now as a part of the « lean gaining » phase and the gains have been fantastic.

    Body fat is the same, even reduced in some parts and at the same time I’m putting on lean muscle.

    A few questions I’ve been getting about this workout is on over-training.

    And it’s important to point out that it’s definitely possible to over-train yourself with this workout or any other workout.

    Doing full body sessions with an insane amount of volume (2 – 2:30h workouts) 6 days a week is not easy.

    However, it’s about finding the right dose that your body can handle and recover from.

    Training volume and recovery is completely individual.

    Just because I train 6 days a week full body doesn’t mean that you should do the same, or that this would be a good plan for you. It could actually be a horrible plan for you that will slow down your progress.

    More is not better. We keep forgetting that.

    As well at the same time, a lot of people aren’t even aware of their limits.

    We assume that training this much would have negative effects before we even try it out. How do you know if it will work before you try it out?

    You can’t, some things you have to try out.

    Looking at the research is great for general recommendations but also it’s important to realize that research gives you starting points.

    And those starting points are based on average values, eventually, you have advance from the average to test what works for you.

    Who knows, you might be an outlier who responds incredibly well to high-frequency training or you might respond great to training each muscle group twice per week.

    Additionally, this is all a moving target. What might work now can be something that will over-train or under-train you in the future.

    So it’s important to keep an open mind and experiment.

    Over time you get to know your body and you’re able to adjust your training plan using real data and feedback which is going to lead to much better results.

    Talk soon, Mario

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