Exercice du sport en Vidéos : How to manage stress


    How to manage stress




    My name is Nazim Chagla; I am in my 60’s. I was a Banker for 20 years and later became a businessman and for past several years I have spent most of my time in learning about physical fitness and have done courses on Diet & Weight Loss, Sports & Nutrition, Yoga, Acupressure, Reiki, Qi Gong etc.

    I am not new to weight training as I have been working out for past 50 years so have quite a bit of knowledge in regards to weight training.

    I am neither a doctor nor a health consultant but am greatly inspired by prominent Gurus like Sadhguru and Baba Ramdev and other Acupressure specialist, Doctors and many other Motivational Speakers.

    What I am teaching is from what I have gathered from all the courses that I took and lessons and lectures I have heard from professionals (stated above).

    I have practically applied all the knowledge I learnt either through course or through lectures on myself, my family and many of my friends. I feel that I must share what I have learnt with as many people as possible so they too can benefit.

    I am a big fan of Mr. Sadhguru and many examples and teachings I am sharing with you are lessons I have learnt from him. I have done his course on Inner Engineering and I admire the Guru’s knowledge from the depth of my heart and please note I am nowhere close to the amount of knowledge the man has so forgive me if I have made any mistake in my videos. My videos are for those who don’t follow Mr. Sadhguru or my other mentors.

    I will be sharing my knowledge on my utube channel on many subjects like treating Joint Pains with Acupressure, Breathing techniques, Weight Training, Cardio, Basic Yoga Poses, Diet and also on travel as I travel to many countries using different airlines, eating in different restaurants and taking tours etc.

    Please subscribe to my Channel so I can share my knowledge and experience with you.

    Please consult your doctor or yoga teacher before you follow my videos.

    I wish you a long, happy and healthy life.