Exercice du sport en Vidéos : Jason Blaha Q&As June 30th 2019 Part 2


    Jason Blaha Q&As June 30th 2019 Part 2



    0:07 Hi Coach. What is the best way to introduce running (30-60min) in your strength training program without sacrificing strength and size? Best to do it on training days or on non-training days? And if on non-training days, best the day after a squat sessions or the day before? Thanks Coach!
    2:34 Jason I don’t think you dived into anti-inflammatory meds and muscle growth…things like Advil and Aleve etc and there impact on recovery and growth…these definitely an impact but I’m on the fence as to how much of a impact….u feel me
    5:15 Hey JB. I have been training for a few years now and recently came to the realization that I have weak anterior chain and have some anterior pelvic-tilt. Do you think swapping out low bar back squats for front squats could correct it?
    8:05 Hey Jason, I’ve recently started using a conjugate style of training as a late intermediate. I also do MMA recreationally and wanted to ask if you think that I can fit 2 heavy bag/conditioning workouts a week in non-lifting days while eating at maintenance without interfering too much with my recovery?
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