Exercice du sport en Vidéos : Jason Blaha Q&As October 29th, 2017 Part 2


    Jason Blaha Q&As October 29th, 2017 Part 2



    0:07 In the context of strength and hypertrophy, how important is the quality of sleep/rest following non-workout days vs workout days? E.g. if someone were to do full body, once a week, say on a Friday, and spent the entire weekend sleeping/resting, how important is their sleep/rest quality for the rest of the week going to be? I specifically have students/busy office workers in mind
    2:46 When is it best to do cardio? Before or after a lifting session. I am 30yrs old, 230lbs, 6’2. I am currently doing 20mins cardio before every lifting session 3-4 times a week. Currently, cardio involves walking 14mins on an incline and running 6mins. I prefer running for fitness reasons as I play a sport recreationaly. On my off days I do 20mins incline walk. Does doing my cardio before my lifting session take something away? I have no energy after I lift.
    5:51 Do you have the same concerns of benching too high on the chest on the incline bench press? I find if I tuck my elbows too much the weight starts to get away from me and puts stress on my shoulders, so I tend to pause midway on my upper chest. Thanks in advance.
    8:01 Hi Jason,for a recreational lifter,theres a benefit to go beyond the intermidiate level (100 kg bench/140 squat/180kg deadlift)???
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