Exercice du sport en Vidéos : Ludus Fitness App: Exercise Workout Trainer for Bodyweight Fitness Training


    Ludus Fitness App: Exercise Workout Trainer for Bodyweight Fitness Training



    Ludus is a fitness coach that guides you through personalized video exercises demonstrated by professional trainers. It is a great way to get back your body’s natural ability to move with elegance, strength, power and speed.

    With Ludus, you don’t need a gym to break a sweat. Home or away, even if you’ve only got 10 minutes, you can complete your workout with no trouble at all. Burn calories and train your body with interactive video workouts – using nothing but your own bodyweight! Ludus helps you build up your endurance, gain strength and feel good all day long.

    Ludus is here to help you kick off your fitness journey. It’s about more than just exercising – it’s about improving every day. Start now!

    « I’m loving this app. It fits into my schedule and every day is a new workout! » – Lauren Thomson, mother of two

    « Ludus helped me to put the joy back into my exercise program. » – Kate Dixon, teacher

    « Try a range of exercises and then rate them – brutal, just right or too easy – to get personalized workouts. With the Ludus app you’ll achieve real results!” – Mark B., personal trainer

    Your benefits:

    + Be the Best Version of Yourself
    Burn calories while improving your strength, endurance and flexibility. Ludus is a systematic approach to the art and science of enhancing your body movement skills.

    + Personalized Workouts
    Your workout gets adjusted based on your feedback, goals and capabilities – just like a personal trainer!

    + Live Video Guidance
    When you strap your phone around your arm, Ludus counts the repetitions you make. See your avatar following your moves live on your Apple TV screen.

    + Training Journal
    Ludus keeps track of your achievements. Sync your training history, accomplishments and goals across all your devices.

    Improve your accuracy by connecting your Pebble smartwatch to Ludus! For details please search “Ludus” in the Pebble appstore.

    Ludus routines guide you through interactive personalized video exercises. By regular training you will feel strengthened and more healthier in your everyday life! There’s nothing else like it in the App Store.

    ***** – “I definitely recommend this app! It has helped me tone up, I can already see improvements.”
    ***** – “Great app, it makes workout simple and easy to follow.”
    ***** – “I found the perfect solution that helps me start a new life. It’s Ludus! An amazing app.”

    Ludus is free to download and use. Upgrading to Ludus Premium adds extra features and is available through an in-app-purchase.

    Ludus – Your Wearable Fitness Coach!

    Learn more at ludusapp.com.
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