Exercice du sport en Vidéos : San Diego Personal Trainer – John Turk of Fearless Fitness


    San Diego Personal Trainer – John Turk of Fearless Fitness



    I am a personal trainer located in San Diego’s north suburbs around Del Mar. I specializes in all levels of health, personal fitness and nutrition. I can provide workout and diets using Skype sessions as well as in home or gym appointments. My specialties are training experienced athletes who need sport specific training, as well as bodybuilders training for contests. I recently received a certification from the Gray Institute as a Certified Applied Functional Science Specialist. This allows me to evaluate and assess a clients structural deficiencies and devise a program to strengthen them. This will provide less chance of injuries because the body will function more as a unit with less resistance and compensations from muscular structures working against each other.
    No matter your age, health or gender I will work with you so you can maximize your potential.



    4206 Sorrento Valley Blvd, Suite G
    San Diego, CA. 92121

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