Exercice du sport en Vidéos : Superhero Workout 10-Week Transformations! – Clint & MysteryGuitarMan


    Superhero Workout 10-Week Transformations! – Clint & MysteryGuitarMan



    Want to try? Get Steve Zim’s Superhero Workout here:
    Clint & Joe overcame many many many obstacles on the quest to superhero fitness! Today, they face final measurements… but how far have they come?!? Subscribe:

    Our Superstar Trainer Steve Zim has taken Clint and Joe from their origins as ordinary YouTubers, and helped them banish the spare tire, and bring on the muscle! But they won’t know how far they’ve come until they face the scale, the measuring tape, and the caliper ONE LAST TIME!

    As you know, they anxious to see how they’ll look in their superhero spandex when they play the characters from Robert Kirkman’s Invincible in our very own SUPERHERO MOVIE!

    Learn more about Hollywood Supps, one of our secret weapons in the fight to become Superheroes:

    Check out Julianna’s Superhero-worthy recipes over at Superhero Kitchen:

    Thanks to Julianna from Cinema and Spice and Joe Penna aka MysteryGuitarMan for joining us on this crazy journey!
    Make sure to check out their stuff:
    Cinema and Spice:


    Are you impressed with Clint and Joe’s progress? How do you think Julianna and Cruz measured up? (Tune in next week to find out!) Are you going to try out our Superhero in Training workout for yourself?

    Let us know in the comments below!

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    Welcome to Superhero in Training! Where four ordinary citizens take on the mantle of superheroes, but before they can do that – they have to train. This is the origin story of four awkward youtubers getting fit. Under the tutelage of celebrity trainer Steve Zim, who’s trained everyone from athletes, to Chris Evans and Christian Bale, stay tuned every Thursday to see who survives and who doesn’t make the cut. All leading up to one kick ass film where the superheroes will be born!