Exercice du sport en Vidéos : The Four-Minute Advanced Plank Workout


    The Four-Minute Advanced Plank Workout



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    If you’re ready for the next step up from regular planks, this advanced plank workout is what you need. This plank workout will challenge all areas of your core with variations on planks and side planks. At the same time it also includes demonstration on how to do standard planks and side planks just in case you need a mid-step before you throw in the advanced moves.

    Here is what the workout looks like:
    1. Plank – 45 Seconds (Warm up)
    2. 15 seconds stretching rest
    3. Side Plank – 30 seconds per side (Advanced w/crunch)
    4. 15 seconds stretching rest
    5. Two-Point Plank – 45 Seconds (Advanced w/rotation)
    6. 15 seconds stretching rest
    7. Spider-man Plank – 45 seconds (Advanced w/kick out)

    If you need to take a break during one of the planks, just place your knees on the ground and rest for a bit, then once you’re ready go back into the plank.

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