Exercice du sport en Vidéos : Workout Routines for Men over 40 – Chest Back and Biceps Program


    Workout Routines for Men over 40 – Chest Back and Biceps Program



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    Workout Overview

    When is comes to workout routines for men a good upper body workout is always a favourite.

    This one is great to do and will work your chest,back, biceps and abs.

    I have designed this workout to build muscle and strength while dropping a little body fat at the same time.

    Also if you are a busy guy you can still get a proper workout in just a few minutes because we are doing all the exercises in one circuit.

    Here’s the breakdown of the workout.

    Back: Lat Pulldowns
    Chest: Decline or Normal Pushups
    Biceps: Standing Barbell Bicep Curls
    Abs: Mountain Climbers

    How to put it all together:

    This routine should consist of doing each exercise one after the other then resting for 1-2 mins and repeating another 3 times for a total of four circuits.

    Here are the reps for each exercise you should use on each circuit.

    Circuit 1 -12 reps (mountain Climbers 30 reps)
    Circuit 2 -10 reps (mountain Climbers 40 reps)
    Circuit 3- 8 reps (mountain Climbers 50 reps)
    Circuit 4 -8 reps (mountain Climbers 60 reps)

    After each circuit you should increase the weight on each exercise.

    Do each rep with control and good technique. This will ensure the muscle groups are worked to fatigue and will avoid any possible injury.

    Hope you liked the workout and if you want more like this and remember you can get my full 28 day ultimate body workout plan for free by visiting this page.