Sport And Danse Vidéos : 6 Genius health tips everyone will appreciate || How to stay fit || Shilpa Shetty fitness tips ✌️✌️✌


    6 Genius health tips everyone will appreciate || How to stay fit || Shilpa Shetty fitness tips ✌️✌️✌



    Get your fitness tips from one who lives them! These are 6 small but effective hacks used by Shilpa Shetty to lead a healthy and holistic life. So go ahead, like, share, comment and tell us what you think! Have any other tips to share? Mention them in the comments below!

    “I start my day with a glass and a half of lukewarm water. Then, I have four drops of Noni juice that acts as an energy booster. Finally, I gargle my mouth with a tablespoon of coconut oil. It is an Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling where you swish the oil around your mouth for five and half minutes,” she says. Mornings are usually busy when she’s trying to pack her son off to school while making sure she reaches her shoot or meeting on time but Shilpa is comfortable being spontaneous. “I don’t skip breakfast because I don’t have time. If you don’t break your fast you are not doing good to your brain and body. I like to keep it simple – and quick. I’m not someone who eats too much bread and so, I get my dose of fibre from fresh fruits. Throw in some muesli with few slices apples, mangoes and almond milk – it’s my favourite breakfast bowl. I also love eggs for breakfast, they make a complete meal.”

    How to stay slim? Shilpa reveals her secret – and it’s all about eating good fats and smart carbs. “A lot of people face issues with maintaining their weight. I think adding the right kind of fats can really help. For instance, you can switch to coconut milk and other energy-producing foods that are not stored in the body as fats. Coconut milk is wholesome and also works for those who are lactose-intolerant. Ghee is a staple with my lunch. Even high carb fruits like bananas are really good for you. They are so easily available but most people stay away from them fearing they’ll make them fat! »

    « Add a bit of brown rice to your diet. If you can switch to these foods, you will realize that the elasticity in your skin is much better. You have to add foods in your diet that keep you full and at the same time maintain your weight and give you a natural glow.”

    Shilpa is mindful and not obsessive about what she eats. “I eat all the time but my food is wholesome and healthy. I am not someone who advocates dieting, I suggest healthy eating. So, I may opt for a meal or sometimes in the evening just enjoy a light broth or clear soup. I limit my carb intake in the evenings but have a snack with eggs or dry fruits. We can’t look the way we do without a bit of a discipline. What you eat and when you are eat both are equally important. I have a lifestyle modification that I have made for myself and I make sure I follow it to look and feel the way I do. Even if I have a social gathering to attend I’ll eat before 7.30 p.m.” If you’re looking to lose weight, the trick, she says, is to alternate between a low carb and a no-carb diet for a few days.

    ​“I joined Yoga to heal myself when I suffered cervical spondylitis, a few years back, and I just got drawn to it. I started practicing Ashtanga Yoga and once I tried that, I wanted to learn more about different forms of yoga. So, I did Vinyasa and now I’ve started doing Bihar School of Yoga. But the benefits are the same. All kinds of yoga practices help in strengthening and toning your body – both internally and externally,” she says. Yoga is the only form of exercise that gives you a strong body and sound mind. So, why not? Shilpa combines yoga with a bit of functional training and animal crawl which is her latest fitness mantra to make her daily routine.

    When it comes to letting go of stress, Shilpa has an easy trick. One word: meditate. “Stress has become part and parcel of, perhaps, every activity we undertake. We’re pacing at a speed that doesn’t allow us to think. We’ve all become so goal-oriented that nothing else seems to matter. But it does. What really helps me keep the equilibrium is the fact that I’m able to take out time to breathe. So, the last thing I do at night before sleeping is I focus on my breath and give myself those few minutes to enjoy it. I practice Pranayam every day. I think all of us have stopped breathing correctly or giving it enough importance. Take a few deep breaths every now and then. I also do Chakra healing which really helps me maintain balance and stability.”

    “I can’t trust the so-called organic food you get in the market, so I feel it is best to grow your own vegetables and I encourage people to do that. I’ve started growing my own salad leaves and herbs like curry leaves and ginger. There are also all kinds of milks available in the market today, but it is important to make sure that milk comes from a good source. You see girls and boys reaching puberty much earlier now because of chemicals that are pumped into cows and bad quality of food they’re eating every day. I’m very careful about what everyone eats at home and what I’m feeding my child.” Yes, she is one of those pe