Sport And Danse Vidéos : Before you dance Kizomba, practice this tips before the steps!


    Before you dance Kizomba, practice this tips before the steps!



    This is Miya. Your dance life coach and your transformational miracle worker.
    The Qi is the key in Breathing for dancing in Kizomba. There is a well-known saying in the Chinese culture:  » Life starts with the first breath and ends with the last.  » That is a perfect description for Kizomba dance. As we dance so close and intimate with a stranger, our emotion sometimes gets pushed down and trapped in our core { solar plexus ) which prevents the energy known as Qi to flow – that’s the ugly truth when people struggle with the connection during the dance. Understanding Yin and Yung energy movement in the relation to breathing properly in dance, will allow our body to produce vital energy moving through even our organs and energy pathways, which is one of the reasons why dancers want to dance. We want to feel healthier and we want to feel good. So practice your breathing while you dance and see how the way you breath can create such an amazing connection with your partner, even if you are just a newbie in dance, but you’ll be surprised by how people compliment you at the end. Peace!

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    P.S You might wonder who I am? Since I DONT LOOK LIKE I M POPULAR ON YOUTUBE YET… I have been teaching for 7 years in Kizomba and 10 in Bachata, locally and in some international dance congresses. People from Vancouver Canada know me in the past since I was one of the 3 people in my community first introduced the dance to Vancouer, but our local community has gone separated since the year I left teaching with the mainstream companies due to too much politics. I enjoyed dance and want to be truth to what I started with. I had to start all over all since I lost my laptop last year lost all my files. I also never felt  » I  » was important to « show » on social media since I started this path, which was something I realized was my own improvement to grow on, and that journey thought me to stand up for myself and share what I originally wanted to. Not only because of my own confusion had helped me to becoming a certified therapist after I learned to dance but also has brought back my long gone Reiki and Chakra healing practice as a practioner 20 years ago which I stopped serving others after I stepped in dancing. After my car accident injury last year, I lost lots, almost everthing. Now I am very clear on why things happened in life to block us that can make we feel not good enough. But now I can see how the educations and continuous pieces of training on movement and dance can help Kizomba dancers who have been struggling so much because there are still so many factors in Kizomba connection that can’t be taught just by the steps and the patterns. Also, it might take up a lifetime to train on metaphysics and science on dance, many dance instructors don’t have the time or desire to adapt the knowledge from those perspectives ( it requires a lot of inner work and the willingness to think I still have to learn ) That’s how teaachers pass down their knowledges but yet the biggest part, their charactor to the students. ( In my own opinion ). As instructors, only if we can say and think « we are the students » and « our students are our teachers ». That’s what dancing is really about, it’s a circle of peopel stand side by side and there is an energy that create unity and support inside the circle, each gets a chance to dance and express his/herself through the beats, the ground and his/her feelings, because ecah of us matter. And that’s who I am, I am the mentor and a miracle worker to come in the circle and stand by your side and say  » hey, it’s your turn to shine and receive! »