Sport And Danse Vidéos : Beginner Kpop Dance Workout 1 | full length workout


    Beginner Kpop Dance Workout 1 | full length workout



    Hi there^^ I’ve finally managed to put together a beginner dance workout. The dances are fun and made of simple moves that are still intense enough to burn calories. I hope you like it ~

    * the burned calories counter is an approximate estimate; note: the number is not exact because it greatly depends on your weight, age and the intensity you workout at (the heavier you are, the more you’ll burn and the harder you work, the higher your calorie burn will be).

    * Don’t skip the warm up or cool down to prevent injuries and minimise soreness (do extra stretches if you feel like you need to).

    warm up: onehowto (Girl’s Day – Female President)
    01: sarahkaypop (Gfriend – Glass Bead)
    02: sarahkaypop (Seventeen – Adore U)
    03: kkardio dance (Oh My Girl – A-ing)
    04: jm vergara (BigBang – Flower Road)
    05: lamita fitness (2Ne1 – I Am The Best)
    06: sarahkaypop (Got7 – If You Do)
    cool down: sarahkaypop (Bts – Spring Day)