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    Jason Derulo – Trumpets (Ab Workout) | Dance Fitness with Jessica



    Hey everyone! I’m noticing such great feedback on my dance fitness routines so I thought I’d give y’all a nice ab workout to Jason Derulo’s « Trumpets. »

    You’ll be doing cross-overs and reverse leg lifts with a secondary lift. Things to remember: keep your head up and and shoulders slightly lifted on the crossovers. Also, tuck your hands under your butt and engage your core to help support your back. Make sure to point those toes and make a full extension with your legs.

    If the second move is too difficult, try modifying it to a simple reverse crunch, Tuck your knees together and roll your hips back, bringing your knees to your chest. Then rotate your feet back to touch your heels to the floor, while keeping your knees bent.

    Make sure to breathe normally throughout!

    Let’s Get it!

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