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    Kickboxing classes NYC 10018



    Kickboxing classes in New York City 10018

    There was a time when people thought that martial arts and kickboxing was only for men, but in recent years women have flocked to kickboxing classes. Like yoga, kickboxing can increase your balance and flexibility. Kickboxing classes are actually rated the number one cardio exercise by Muscle and Fitness magazine, burning more calories in an hour than any gym class (around 800 calories in an hour!). It’s also a fantastic way to get strong and look tight.

    NY Best Kickboxing is located in the heart of midtown Manhattan and offers fitness classes perfect for men and women. Even if you aren’t in shape now, we can get you there. Our classes are super friendly, challenging in a good way, our staff is composed of trained professionals and we have one of the most awesome facilities in the country!

    Why is NY Best Kickboxing the city’s best kickboxing workout? That’s a great question!

    1. We have taken the best from martial arts and kickboxing including a wide variety of techniques and combinations. Our kickboxing classes are exciting and fun so you’ll do them more often! In addition, you will never get bored because the class always changes! You can do two or three kickboxing classes back to back.

    2. We are the only real total body workout. We will work things you never realized existed in your body! You’ll wonder why everyone isn’t doing kickboxing… but that’s ok, feel free to tell your friends about kickboxing

    3. Kickboxing includes strength, cardio, flexibility and balance training.

    4. Kickboxing gets you REAL RESULTS FAST! We egularly hear members share how they have lost an entire dress size and 6, 7, 8 or 10 pounds in ONE MONTH of kickboxing!

    And please remember, when it comes to kickboxing we are the EXPERTS… don’t just trust anyone

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