Sport And Danse Vidéos : Learn Hip Hop with Misha Gabriel: Lesson 10 (clip)


    Learn Hip Hop with Misha Gabriel: Lesson 10 (clip)



    This clip is from Misha Gabriel’s « Learn Hip Hop Choreography » plan. You can get the full hip hop plan here:

    Do you want to learn to dance like the stars? To learn an original choreography while also picking up a variety of dance styles? Then you’re going to have a lot of fun while also getting a great workout with this Learn Hip Hop Choreography plan by Misha Gabriel! In each lesson, Misha will teach you a variety of dance styles starting with the least difficult and working our way up. He will teach you Old School, Grooves, Commercial, House, Jazz Funk and more. Every hip-hop video will start with a brief explanation of the style, followed by each step taught individually and then broken down into a cardio-like workout.

    Misha Gabriel is a Professional Dancer, Choreographer & Actor. Misha has garnered a near-cult following throughout his dance career. He began touring at the age of 16 before moving on to dance for superstars including Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, John Legend, Christina Aguilera, Kylie Minogue, Chris Brown and Ne-Yo.

    Learn more about this hip hop choreography plan here:

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