Sport And Danse Vidéos : New York City Ballet Workout | Volume 1


    New York City Ballet Workout | Volume 1



    Sarah Jessica Parker introduces this holistic fitness programme formerly used exclusively by the New York Ballet Company. Dancers demonstrate the exercises, which were designed by the film’s narrator, Peter Martins, to balance fitness, life and art.

    The workout is divided into 17 short sections:
    0:00 Introduction by Sarah Jessica Parker
    2:30 Section 1: Warm Up One
    5:55 Section 2: Warm Up Two
    7:25 Section 3: Warm Up Three
    9:13 Section 4: Stretches
    15:54 Section 5: Abdominals & Leg Darts
    20:10 Section 6: Floor Barre 1
    24:48 Section 7: Floor Barre 2
    30:34 Section 8: Floor Barre 3
    32:50 Section 9: Pliés
    36:42 Section 10: Tendu
    39:42 Section 11: Dégagé
    43:14 Section 12: Passé
    45:03 Section 13: Front Attitude
    47:42 Section 14: Grand Battement Front
    49:55 Section 15: Arabesque Raises
    51:32 Section 16: Little Jumps
    53:47 Section 17: Reverence

    The New York City Ballet Workout routine was developed by Peter Martins and the New York City Ballet along with the New York Sports Club.

    If you envy the ballet dancer’s long, lean body and graceful, elegant movements, then this beautifully produced video is for you. First watch the rippling muscles of four gorgeous ballet dancers performing the warm-up moves to classical ballet music, while Martins narrates.

    Then get down on a mat for slow lower-body stretches. A difficult abdominal series is next, followed by « floor barre » exercises to tone the thighs and buttocks while still using the abdominals, then moves to strengthen the back and upper body.

    Next is a series of standing exercise segments using various ballet movements to strengthen the legs and postural/balance muscles.

    If you love ballet (even just watching it), you’ll enjoy this workout


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