Sport And Danse Vidéos : STEP CHOREOGRAPHY 3 Advanced (2019) Use your arms


    STEP CHOREOGRAPHY 3 Advanced (2019) Use your arms



    STEP CHOREOGRAPHY 3 Advanced (2019) Use your arms

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    About This Video: In this video Marko Kraljevic from Freestyle Junkies shares tips how to do an advanced step and aerobics choreography for your clients and advice on how to get didactics better. If you are wondering how to create a better fitness and step choreos in 2018 and you want to grow your numbers in your step classes, check out this video. Fitness instructors wonder how to make your choreos more original and that is hard to do without a proper didactics strategy. So check out this youtube channel for 2018!

    I’m a Step & Aerobic YouTube Choreographer living in France. I make Freestyle vids, travel a lot, doing workshops and fitness conventions. For buisness inquieries please contact me on :