Sport And Danse Vidéos : Zumba Fitness – Warm Up #ZUMBA #ZUMBAFITNESS


    Zumba Fitness – Warm Up #ZUMBA #ZUMBAFITNESS



    Zumba Fitness – Warm Up Mix – 8Min
    Me and my lovely wife dance Zumba Fitness choreo for you!
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    I take some mixes by DJ BADDMIXX, and make my own mix =)

    Zumba Fitness is a simple dance program!
    It is a perfect combo of fun, dance, and fitness!
    Work out at home and have great results!
    Use my choreography, dance with me, and have fun!
    I’m licensed zumba instructor from Russia.
    I will upload a new training videos every week, so subscribe to my channel for new portion of dance fitness or zumba workout!

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    Zumba Fitness – Warm Up Mix – 8Min –

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