Workout Tips – Video : 10 Advanced Push Up Variations: Body Weight Workouts For Muscle Growth


    10 Advanced Push Up Variations: Body Weight Workouts For Muscle Growth



    Here’s how to gain weight fast (for skinny guys):

    In this video we’ll show you 10 advanced pushup variations. Fitness model Troy Adashun is a huge fan of the push up workout, and thinks that body weight workouts in general are a convenient way to stay in shape.

    You can perform these pushups in the convenience of your own home, or practically anywhere! These are 10 advanced push up variations. Try them out during your next body weight workout and you will see that some of the hardest exercises are body-weight exercises.

    10 Advacned Pushup Variations

    0:21 – Superman Pushups

    This may be the hardest pushup in the world. Superman pushups are an advanced pushup variation for the advanced athlete. Watch Troy as he demonstrates how to do a Superman Pushup.

    0:35 – Decline Diamond Pushups

    This is another great push up exercise for the chest. Troy demonstrates the decline diamond pushup with great form. This will target your upper chest and triceps.

    0:52 – Plyometric Pushups

    This is another explosive pushup movement. THe plyometric pushup should be in every intermediate and advanced athletes body weight workout routine. Follow along as Troy demonstrates how to execute a plyometric pushup.

    1:04 – Side to Side Rockers

    This is not your usual pushup variation, but a unique movement that will the outer portion of your chest. Another great pushup exercise.

    1:14 – Clapper Pushups

    THis one is similar to the plyometric pushup, except that you will be clapping your hands together at the top of the movement. This is a great pushup for chest muscles.

    Go here to see the full list of exercises along with pictures:

    1:26 – Decline Swiss ball push ups

    This pushup variation will utilize an inflatable swiss ball. Watch as Troy works his upper chest during this advanced pushup variation.

    1:44 – Slow Motion Pushups

    THis may be the perfect pushup. This is just like a regular pushup, but you will be maximizing your time under tension by performing the pushup in slow motion. THis is a must for all you hard gainers out their.

    2:01 – Grasshopper Pushup

    This one may look unique, but is a great pushup variation for the advanced. Watch how to do it as Troy demonstrates a grasshopper pushup in perfect form.

    2:18 – Judo Pushup

    This advanced movement of the pushup will emphasize the triceps and upper chest. This is another incredible body weight exercise.

    2:40 – Single Leg Knuckle Pushups

    For all you guys serious about body weight training, try this one out! This is a full body workout, and will emphasize your chest, triceps, core and quadriceps.

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