Workout Tips – Video : Best Back Workout !! With Julian Smith😉-Time For BACK DAYđŸ”„


    Best Back Workout !! With Julian Smith😉-Time For BACK DAYđŸ”„



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    1-Standing Cable Row- Controlling the negatives, explosive positives!
    Form tip 👉 Stand up relatively straight with the pulley set up right at hip level. Pull straight towards your hip with the bar, not high towards your chest. Going with a wide grip on these.
    2-Hammer strength row – Faster more explosive reps, but still controlling the negative.
    Form tip 👉 A big mistake that I see people do on any type of machine row movement, is bringing their chest off of the pad using their torso momentum to get the weight up. That pad is there for a reason!
    3-Kneeling straight arm lat pull down- Slow and controlled negatives. Focus on a full range of motion.
    4-3 grip lat pull down- Slow and controlled negatives, explosive positives.
    5-Kneeling two handle straight arm lat pull down- Explosive positives, controlled negatives.
    6-Seated Cable Row- Controlling the negative with explosive positives.
    Form tip 👉 Using a shoulder width D grip attachment. Sitting on a medium height box with the pulley at the lowest position. Pulling from to to a mid position. Torso slightly bent forward so from a side angle when fully contracted, the cable to torso creates a 90 deg angle.
    7-Two handle seated cable row – Explosive positives, controlled negatives.
    Why do it like this? 👉 Extra wide with two different single handles, as shown in the video, stretch your lats while pulling your scapula apart as well! A very different feeling than your standard row which pulls away, but not apart.
    8-Lat pull down- One rep to the front, next rep to the back. Each pull down movement equals one rep.
    Form tip 👉 Starting in the full stretch, I allow the grip to be directly above my head, opposed to up and in front of my face. The moment I start to contract and pull the grip down, I shift my torso/head slightly forward allowing the bar to pass easily behind my head.
    9-Single Seated Cable Row- slow and controlled negatives, explosive positives!
    Form tip 👉 I put the foot from the side I am working up, with the other wide and off to the side. I personally feel I get better Isolation and better stability like this. Pulling low towards my stomach, with your elbow pointed straight down and not flared out!
    10-Weighted back hyperextensions- Slow and controlled negatives. Brief tap on the floor, then explosive positives!
    What I love about snatch grip’s and extra wide grips like these, is that it doesn’t only pull your scapula down, it also pulls them out to the sides! Think for a second.. when is the last time you did an exercise with a grip this wide!? It’s an excellent way to take your arms out of the movement putting full focus on your back!
    The bar that I am using is a standard Olympic 45lb barbell. If this is too wide for you, use a w bar and grip the plates!
    11-Wide grip cable lat pull down- Controlled negatives and explosive positives with a brief pause on the full contraction.
    Form tip 👉 Kneeling in the adjustable Cable crossover area. Using an open hand grip. Depending on where you’re at, and where the pulleys are in regards to front or behind you, can change how you feel the exercise! Switch it up to see what works best for you.
    12-Body weight over arched pull up- Brief pause on both the full stretch and full contraction. Keep these babies strict!!!! No swinging.
    Form tip 👉 Start with a neutral/hammer grip. In the full stretch, it will look like the starting position form for a basic pull up. As you contract up.
    Mind muscle connection tip 👉 In this over arched form, focus during the contracting portion of the rep on your elbows pulling toward your mid to lower lat.
    13-Wide grip lat pull down- 30s for per set! 10 reps from full stretch to mid rep, 10 reps from mid rep to full contraction, ending with 10 full range of motion reps.
    Form tip 👉 Instead of pulling your elbows back behind you, focus on pulling them straight down to the sides of you. Keep minimal movement in your upper body to minimize momentum and maximize muscle fiber activation.ry worked muscle that much more!
    14-Incline bench support double arm dumbbell sweep/crescent rows- Controlled negatives with a brief pause on stretch to stop momentum, then explosive positives!
    Form tip 👉 Focus on keeping your arms slightly bent during the entire movement. Lowering the dumbbells out in front of your face and contracting back towards your hips. This will be a similar movement to straight arm lat pull down variations opposed to bending the elbows like row movements.
    15-Cable row into back hyperextension– Keeping the arms lengthened on the negative and positive portion of the hyperextensions. Then doing a row while in the pause at the top of the hyperextension.
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