Workout Tips – Video : Bodyweight V Shape Back Workout (NO PULLUP BAR)


    Bodyweight V Shape Back Workout (NO PULLUP BAR)



    90 Day Personal Bodyweight Transformation Coaching

    Build that perfect V shape back right now without the need for any equipment, not even a pull up bar!

    In this workout video I showcase some key movements that you can use right now to help build that bigger, stronger v shape back & even target the chest, traps, delts, triceps and your core!

    6 Exercises, perform to failure, 30 Secs rest between exercises, 4 rounds all together

    – Black Widow
    – Superman Thumbs Ups
    – Divebomber Half Push Up
    – Mule Kick
    – Explosive Push Up Into Pike
    – Pike Hover

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