Workout Tips – Video : Carol Strom, Las Vegas Personal Trainer, Encore Personal Training, Las Vegas Fitness Boot Camps


    Carol Strom, Las Vegas Personal Trainer, Encore Personal Training, Las Vegas Fitness Boot Camps



    Carol Strom, Founder/Owner of Encore Personal Training, Boot Camps, Pilates and Yoga located inside Las Vegas Athletic Clubs, LVAC and MGM Grand for employees, members and hotel guests.

    I personally have lost 70 pounds and became a Las Vegas personal trainer to help others. Seeing people close to me pass away from long-term illnesses has motivated me to learn as much as I can about healthy living.

    I have enjoyed personal training lessons with over 20 top personal trainers in Las Vegas, Nevada, Oregon and have achieved several advanced certifications, which helped me to develop the unique Encore Fitness brand. My undergraduate is in business but I specialized in finance, but my love is helping people find a personal trainer in their area so my website can match you up with a trainer near you and book a free consult.

    To this day I enjoy learning the latest fitness trends to make our systems better and more efficient for our clients and trainers. Helping clients and personal trainers live life to the fullest is my dream come true.

    I love motivating people with professional, affordable and convenient personal training. I enjoy researching and writing about fitness, personal training and making life long friendships with our client success stories.

    You can call me from anywhere in the world for one-on-one telephone conferences to design a custom meal plan personalized just for you. If you think that you are a touch case, I’d like to personally have a chance to work with you and give you everything I’ve got to help you.

    We also offer celebrity, corporate and family packages complete with Las Vegas pro traveling trainers direct to you. I’ve pioneered online booking for Encore Personal Training in my industry and now customers and staff can login to manage their availability on our website.

    Book sessions at LVAC, your home or at your favorite Hotel Spa Gym for private one on one sessions, partner sessions, small groups and boot camps. We also offer life coaching workshops and host before and after photo shoots every weekend.

    Book your free consult and custom meal plan today. The Encore Personal Training website easy to use. Go ahead and create a Login to view our schedule. If you don’t see a time or location near you please let us know so that we can better serve you. Go to or call us at (702) 845-4100.