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    full fitness android app- Gym Workout Trainer



    Fitness & bodybuilding Programs is here to guide you and help you in building your core strength,lose body weight and improve your performances To get a perfect body .
    Our goal here is pretty simple: to provide you with everything you need to achieve your dream body Workout with confidence with everything you need to get great results at the gym.

    muscle groups that the workouts hit:
    – Abdominal
    – Back
    – Biceps
    – Chest
    – Legs
    – Shoulders
    – Triceps

    * Exercises for each muscle groups.
    * Detailed description for each exercise in English and french.
    * You can add workouts to your daily programs.
    * Animations to explain the exercises accurately.
    * application Easy to use
    * fitness & bodybuilding
    * this application represent a fitness coach

    * If you are beginning a program , choose a few of the exercises shown , performing 2-3 sets of 10-12 repetitions .
    * perform each exercise with a slow and even paced movement .
    * do not swing , jerk or bounce the weight .
    * breathing typically , goes as follow inhale before starting the movement and exhale at the finish .
    * as your strength increases gradually add more weight , sets and exercises .

    this app fitness is free, we only ask you for your positive rating so that more people knows the app and we can keep improving it .We will be adding more and more exercises continuously. If you want one in particular just let us know!
    For more questions or suggestions, please contact us.

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    Build your new body, starting today!
    We hope you like it!!