Workout Tips – Video : Increase The Quality Of Your Gym Workouts – Instantly!


    Increase The Quality Of Your Gym Workouts – Instantly!



    Do this before you go to the gym to instantly get better results from your weight training workouts.

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    If you want to ensure a successful workout, you need to plan for it in advance. One of the best ways to do this is by keeping a training journal.

    Before you go to the gym, take a few minutes to write out your workout for that day…

    – Write down the exercises you are going to perform.
    – The number of sets and reps you plan on doing for those exercises.
    – And the weights you are planning on lifting for each set.

    As you do this, visualize yourself performing your pre-planned workout routine. See yourself in your minds eye lifting the weights with perfect form and feeling strong.

    Just the simple act of doing this before you go to the gym will increase the odds of you actually having a good workout.

    You can even plan for any variations to your workout routine in advance. For example, if you want to use a certain piece of equipment and it’s not available, you can plan for alternative exercises that you can do instead. By thinking this through in advance you’ll be able to stay focused, even if things don’t go quite the way you want.

    All successful lifters and bodybuilders will follow a similar pre-workout ritual, and plan out their training sessions in advance.

    Give it a try for yourself and leave me a comment below letting me know how it works for you.

    all the best,