Workout Tips – Video : Pokémon Sapphire Wedlocke, Part 42: Training For Winona! (Training Episode)


    Pokémon Sapphire Wedlocke, Part 42: Training For Winona! (Training Episode)



    Welcome to Marriland’s Pokémon Sapphire RAINBOW Wedlocke, which is a variant of a Nuzlocke (see rules below)! In this TRAINING episode, Rainbow finishes up her lucky streak in the Game Corner in order to pick up Ice Beam, then trains up her Pokémon so they’re ready to take on the Fortree Gym!

    NOTE: This is just a TRAINING episode. No plot progression is made, so you can feel free to skip this episode unless you’d like to have some chill times on in the background or like hearing me talk about stuff while training.

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    Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire were the first main series Pokémon games for the Game Boy Advance, released in the US in 2003. Although most people would choose to play Emerald, I’ve already done a Nuzlocke on Emerald and have played through on a Wedlocke in Omega Ruby, so Sapphire seemed like the most logical choice to tackle a new style of Wedlocke on!

    • Fainted Pokémon are considered dead and must be released.
    • I can only catch the first encounter on any route/area, except for « dupes » (and Pokémon that are guaranteed unpairable with the current team if it is not full).
    • Everything needs to be nicknamed.
    • Pokémon are paired up into pairs based on their gender and nature determining compatibility. Please see the full explanation for more information!
    • Cannot deposit Pokémon into the PC.

    • Level limit: 15 (Roxanne), 18 (Brawly), 23 (Wattson), 28 (Flannery), 31 (Norman), 34 (Winona), 40 (Tate & Liza), 45 (Wallace), 55 (Pre-Elite Four). Most are based on the upcoming Gym Leader’s highest level Pokémon, but some are modified.
    • No BAG Items in BATTLE (other than kinds of Poké Balls), except on « Ace » Pokémon (Preference: None). Held Items are fine. Items outside of battle are fine.
    • My starter counts as my Littleroot Town encounter. That’s where it’s actually given to me as that’s where I nickname it. This is just how I play Hoenn games.
    • Safari Zone will be explained later.




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    « Wounded » Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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