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    Sal Redner Open Gym Training – Los Angeles California



    What is Wushu? Wushu is the courage to win and the determination to triumph victoriously in the face of adversity. Even when the cosmos unveils the incalculable odds against humanity, true warriors fight with unyielding resolve and never allow themselves to succumb to defeat. It is the very nature of a Wushu Athlete to accept nothing less than victory and this is why practitioners from around the world practice this pristine sport.

    May we continue to test the boundaries of humanity and inspire the world through this beautiful art.


    Shifu Sal Redner
    Multimedia Producer
    Wushu Shaolin Entertainment





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    The Wushu Shaolin Kung Fu curriculum is an extensive survey of both modern and traditional styles of Kung Fu – Wushu.

    For students interested in learning at our academy, the facility is located in Gardena, California on the Northeast corner of Normandie Avenue and 137th street situated in the South bay of the Los Angeles, California Basin. It is a spacious 4,000 Square feet Martial Arts training facility dedicated to Contemporary Wushu and Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu. The facility is equipped with a seamless martial arts floor used for throws, sparring. grappling, and combat sports. In addition, there is a competition gymnastics spring board floor. The mats allow students to safely progress when learning rolls, flips, gymnastics, wushu, and aerial tricks. Wushu Shaolin Kung Fu is also equipped with kickboxing equipment, heavy bags, weapon racks, and a traditional Wing Chun Dummy. —