Workout Tips – Video : Shoulder Workout Finisher (WORKS EVERY TIME!!)


    Shoulder Workout Finisher (WORKS EVERY TIME!!)



    Finish every workout the way you started it – the right way

    Not all shoulder workouts are the same, especially depending on how you finish them! In this video, I show you one of my favorite finishers for your shoulder workout to make sure you fry your deltoids (rear, medial and front) before you call it a day in the gym.

    The goal of any shoulder workout (or any weight training session for that matter) should be to push yourself just a little bit farther than you did the last time you trained that muscle. In the case of the shoulders, this combination of exercises is the perfect way to end your workout to ensure that you are doing enough to cause a positive adaptation and new strength/size.

    With this finishing sequence, you’ll hit all three heads of your deltoid while never ignoring the one you started with due to the cumulative fatigue that this presents. Start by choosing a weight that causes you to fail at 10-12 reps for a bent over shoulder raise. Perform your first set of this exercise to failure and immediately proceed into the next exercise in the sequence.

    The shoulder exercise that follows is the side lateral raise. If you perform this shoulder move correctly you’ll be using not just your medial deltoid but also your posterior deltoid and even a bit of your rotator cuffs. The proper way to do this movement is to keep your thumbs higher than your pinkies and not the opposite way around. This will cause you to externally rotate your shoulders and have a healthier position for your shoulder joint at the top of the movement.

    Perform this part of the shoulder workout without resting and move immediately into the next exercise – the front shoulder raise. When you do this exercise you target the front head of the deltoids primarily. That said, because of the mounting fatigue that you have going from not resting since the start of this finisher, you will still feel your entire shoulders working, including your posterior deltoids. Keep this going until you can’t perform another rep.

    Finally, the finisher comes to a close by moving into the dumbbell shoulder press. By this point, your shoulders are fried and even the light weight that you are using feels heavy for a shoulder press. Rep out as many reps as you can until reaching failure. For an even bigger challenge, immediately drop the dumbbells and move onto a weight that is just a bit lighter and repeat the whole sequence. Work your way down until you are finishing your shoulder workout with just your own arms moving in space. Contract your muscles as hard as you can through this finisher and you will barely be able to lift them when it’s over.

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