Workout Tips – Video : The secret t-tapp workout schedule!


    The secret t-tapp workout schedule!



    The secret t-tapp workout schedule.

    This is a follow-up to the last video featuring Joy who melted off her hips, thighs and belly in 2 months doing the latest T-Tapp DVD called Senior Fit. The big question I got was what was her secret t-tapp workout schedule? Joy did the Tempo version (4 reps and 40 minutes long) 4 to 5 times a week and then she did the long version (8 reps and a little over an hour) once a week.
    The real secret was her consistency. She did it every week for 2 months. Joy also was strict with her balanced eating plan and took out all the little « extras » that tend to slow down her weight loss results. The combination proved to be the « secret » for her! If you don’t have time to even get in 40 minutes, then you can do a series of 3 T-tapp moves a day. Buteerflies, T-Tapp Twist and 2 sets of hoe downs will do the trick. Here’s another quick set…PBS, Plies up to chest press, butterflies and lawnmowers. You can also just do hoe downs without 10 minutes of eating. Fitting fitness into your day will help you balance your blood sugar and keep that hormonal weight away!
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    The secret T-Tapp Workout Schedule