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    West Loop Personal Training: CrossTown Fitness



    Take a look at all of our west loop personal training options at We’re a premier Chicago personal training facility and are looking forward to talking with you. Try us out for 3 sessions for only $99 (3YT99) today!

    The focused attention you get with a personal trainer, combined with a program designed to meet your needs offers you a wonderful way to set your goals and stay motivated at our 60642 gym.

    A personal trainer will help you progress at rates that are realistic for you. By arranging your workout schedules and holding you accountable for your progress. Your workouts are more consistent and you are shown the proper techniques for maximum benefits.

    When you sign up for personal training at CrossTown you start with a complete body composition evaluation (% of body fat), a full set of body measurements, a cardiovascular fitness test and a target heart rate. Your specific goals are identified and a personalized training program is established to help you attain them.

    Nutritional assessment is also a component of personal training. Information on meal planning and supplements is available to help you meet your needs.

    Private Instruction (Boxing, Yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing) – One-on-one instruction or one-on-two instruction will allow for individualized programming around specific postures, specific muscle strengths and weaknesses, and modifications to provide maximum challenge. Inquire with instructor for details.

    Our trainers hold degrees in Physical Education, Kinesiology, Sport Management, Exercise Physiology. They are also recognized by the industries top certifying bodies, and many hold multiple certifications. We choose our personal trainers on technical expertise and interpersonal skills.

    Visit our Chicago personal training gym today and get started!