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    August Workout Challenge

    Can you believe that we are over halfway through the Summer?  The end of summer has a habit of sneaking up on us, doesn’t it? More often than not, motivation to diet and exercise begins to fade as summer winds down. Does this mean that you give up and wait until the new year? Absolutely not! It is never too late to begin practicing healthy habits. If your workout routine has become inconsistent or nonexistent, this August Workout Challenge is perfect for you! It will get you back into the groove so that you can begin making progress, once again. 


    This workout challenge can start on any day of the year. There is no reason to wait or put off getting into shape until the new year. When is the best time to start a workout program? Today! The sooner you get started, the faster you’ll get into shape! Make this year, the one that you bring in the new year with the body of your dreams. Can you do it? Absolutely! 

    How It Works

    Each day of the August Workout Challenge includes a workout for a designated muscle group or an HIIT/Cardio element. As you will notice, every Thursday is leg day, every Friday is core day, and so on. This will ensure that each muscle group is trained evenly.

    While weight training tones your muscles and kicks up your metabolism, the HIIT/Cardio days will work to burn even more fat! Now, you may be wondering about rest days. This is a 31-day challenge, so there are 31 separate workouts. This is not to say that you can’t take a rest day every now and then. You will see the term ‘active rest’ on your HIIT/Cardio days. These workouts are highly recommended, but they are optional rest days. Keep in mind that the more effort you give, the better your results will be. Nothing worth having comes easy!

    The goal of this August Workout Challenge is to get you to shed pounds & inches, tone-up, and improve your flexibility. With that being said, it is also highly recommended that you do not skip the flexibility portion of your active rest days.

    For best results when participating in a workout routine or challenge, it is a good idea to practice healthy eating habits, as well. By applying the following tips to your diet, you will achieve the greatest results possible.

    Healthy Eating Tips

    1. Drink at least 64 oz. of water per day to let go of excess fat. Try these Summer Fruit-Infused Water Recipes for Weight Loss!

    2. Cut out soda and diet soda to decrease sugary cravings! Try these Clean Alternatives.

    3. Eliminate sugary, processed foods, to reduce caloric intake. Try these Healthy Summer Desserts, instead.

    4. Consume more natural, whole foods for greater nutritional value. Check out the Whole Foods Shopping List.

    5. Eat more lean protein and fiber to keep you fuller, longer. Here are the Best Sources of Protein and Fiber for Weight Loss!

    The Challenge

    What to do: Complete the designated workout(s) for each day. The instructions for each daily workout will be within the link(s) provided. Keep in mind that we strongly recommend you complete all HIIT/Cardio workouts AND flexibility routines, however, they are not mandatory and may be used as your rest day if you need one. You will notice that the workouts get increasingly harder as the challenge progresses, so it’s crucial that you stay consistent! You can do this. Are you ready to begin?!

    Congratulations on completing the August Workout Challenge! You should be SO proud of yourself as it was certainly no easy feat! We want to hear all about your experience in the comment section! What was your favorite workout?

    This challenge has gotten you off to a great start, but don’t stop here! Think about how awesome you’ll look next Summer if you stay consistent! Consider trying one of these awesome challenges, next!

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