Workouts : The 10-Minute, Muscle-Building Bodyweight Circuit


    The 10-Minute, Muscle-Building Bodyweight Circuit

    Hanging Leg Raise

    Ian Spanier

    WHAT IT IS: 

    A four-station bodyweight circuit designed by L.A.-based trainer Andy McDermott. You start with two stabilized exercises performed under control: hanging leg raises and walking lunges. Then finish with a pair of explosive moves: clapping pushups and squat jumps. Set a manageable pace. 


    The stabilized exercises serve as active recovery from the explosive work. Since you’re using a different leg-raise variation on each set, you’ll hit your abs and obliques from many angles. This is total-body HIIT that’ll have you sweating and leave your core sore the next day. 

    “The goal isn’t speed—it’s control,” McDermott says. “If you swing your legs, you remove core activation from the equation.”

    Andy McDermott is a fitness coach in Hollywood and owner of McDermott Family Fitness (


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